Organise work events like a pro

No more back and forth communications, wasted time and “below-quorum” office events.

You are in complete control of all your admin tasks, from scheduling events, to ensuring optimum participation and timeliness.

Okavango puts you in control

Who’s Coming, and Who’s Not?

Simply share event details and available slots, and sit back as the results come in. No more guesswork, or continuous follow ups.

Streamline Reminders and Follow Ups

Eliminate the hassle of sending emails or making phone calls to send reminders and track respondents.

Book Resources and People Upfront

Book venue and other resources in advance with accurate headcount and agenda

Streamline Calendar Invitations

No need to stress about manually sending out invitations to attendees

Produce Attendance Reports

One click to generate attendance reports, and keep the organisers and HR notified

Post-event Feedback

No more email chains and phone calls to collect post-session feedback. Just click for an automated message and reminders

Event Dash Boarding

Everything about an upcoming event in one place, accessible from anywhere

No “below-quorum” Sessions

Save costs by pulling the plug early on events that do not meet the required headcount

Integration with Office 365, Google and iCal

Integrate Okavango with the software you depend on, like Office 365, Google and iCal

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Why Okavango for your Organisation?

Have you tried putting together an organisation-wide meeting or training session?

Our Clients

From pulling your hair out to admin wizardry, here’s how Okavango works


Sign up & create an event

Enter your email to sign up. Then, hit “Create Event”


Pre-book resources

Reserve suitable venue and everything else you’ll need


Gather participants' preferences

Send options to attendees and collect their preferences


Invite them

Let them know the “what, when and where” of the session(s)


Track attendance

Generate participation reports for yourself and HR



Active users


Many features. One robust system. All working seamlessly to make your life easy. You have to try it to believe it.

Organise events anytime, from anywhere

Okavango lets you schedule trainings, set the agenda, make changes, and more, anytime, from wherever you are.

No more resource wastage

With accurate headcounts you can make decision on venues or rescheduling sessions

Every single detail at the tip of your fingers

From number of participants to room availability and resources, stay atop of it all.

Define every aspect of a session

From minimum and maximum participants to agenda and deliverables, you’re in complete control, at all times. Even post-session feedback!

Connected with other software you depend on

Okavango works with Outlook, Google, Azure, Windows 365 or iCloud Calendar, gCal, iCal so no one misses an invite, or is double-booked

Get everyone’s opinions easily

Simply pick options and share with the attendees and have them select. No more back and forth emails, time zone issues or phone calls.
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